Sexy And Strong

TantraGal and I have been chatting about the challenges of being gifted as a healer in the world.

We both know about being both tender and powerful in the world, with a sensitive heart and a brain that observes with metaphysical context.   People assume that because we can go places and do things that are hard for them then we can do things that are easy for them, which is not the case.

She has realized she likes it when I call her “gorgeous.”  Even though she knows she is beautiful, sometimes her heart doesn’t come along.  She can help other people understand their lives in context, but in her life, well, she longs for what she longs for, aches where she aches, needs what she needs.   Hearing it out loud from another, well, she likes that,

She has started affirming others and began her last note to me “Hi Sexy and strong! :)

You know, I don’t usually think of myself as “sexy and strong,” but while my mind looked askance, well my heart felt a little lightened.  If TantraGal sees that, well, maybe it really is present in me, maybe it really is possible to have it be seen.

Sexy and strong.

My, My.

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