The Dream You Sell Is Passing, Eh?

A response to the director of the “Female Voice Program” at a local college:

Thank you for taking the time to think about what might be possible with me.

I wanted to take the time to think about the same.

First, I’m not sure how much I want to try to change the pitch of my voice. I suspect that my best hope is becoming more resonant, more raspy, to do the Kathleen Turner as it were.

My real concern here is the same as my resistance to falling for dreams of passing as being born female and being raised as a girl. After long experience, I don’t think that’s really possible for me. I think that bones don’t lie, and my bones tell a specific story. Trying to pass, well, that just sets me up for failure, as I told Sr. Charleen.

That belief, though, informs the second point.

I am not someone your clients see as a role model, as aspirational. In fact, I am exactly the person that they fear they will become. They have no interest in becoming a “professional tranny,” rather they come to you specifically because they want to be more passable, disappearing into the world of women.

I know that your clients don’t come to me to see their reflection, but rather they stay away. They have different dreams, and those dreams are of being women, not of being trannys. You might want to ask them what they think about Callie. I suspect they don’t really like to hear what I have to say.

Just this weekend a transwoman who is bigger and taller than I felt the need to explain to me that passing is entirely internal, that if you believe you pass, you do. She didn’t want to hear the crap I had put on the list about biology and gender, about respecting womanhood & immigration, all that. She wanted to be a woman, and if she had to do it by brute force because finesse wouldn’t work, well so be it.

Your clients need to follow their dreams, and I assure you, I am not their dream. They would be much more responsive to an attractive, older woman born female who can serve as role model and mother, coaching them on being a woman as she would coach her daughters. This is their aspiration, not some old challenging tranny.

I do understand that you see the possibility of learning from my experience, that the “house mom” could do well to understand the experience of walking in the world as trans, which I have spelled out pretty well. But that doesn’t mean your clients want to learn directly from me; in many ways, I am what they fear.

I do write. I write like hell. My blog is here: and my old site is here:

My old poetry is here but if you read any of it you will understand why it isn’t why people who dream of assimilating in the world as women want to engage.

Thank you for your offer. In some ways I’d love to think that I can have a warmer, more powerful alto voice, feminine and pure. But that sounds like a bit of a dream too far now.

Go and help trannys, and if I can help, just ask.


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