Choosing to be invulnerable to what other people think and feel
can leaves you vulnerable to isolation and sickness.

Choosing to be vulnerable to others allows connection that
can make your spirit invulnerable to your own ego-centered fear and separation.

I have watched Celebrity Rehab this first season.

What I saw were people living in their own isolation and tolerating the pain with drugs that made them invulnerable to feeling pain.

Unfortunately, those same chemicals also made them unable to engage their own pain, their own fear and their own humanity in a way that fostered their own healing and growth.  That surface invulnerability just made them more sick, more pained and more disconnected.

The only way out of hell is through.  More layers of asbestos don’t really help you go forward, and can easily just help you end up with mesothelioma too.

I understand how to walk in the world in armor, and I understand how to walk in the world invisible.

But unless I can walk in the world with openness and power, well, my ego-centered fear and sense of separation can keep me small and broken, no matter how defended I look from outside.

The choice to be invulnerable is the choice to be separated from others, to be separated from your own feelings.

And, at least in my experience, separation is no way to get closer to God; the God we share and the God that lives within me.