Love Impulse

I feel the need to melt into a pool of loving & lovely goo.

You know. That state where nothing exists but emotion, propelled by desire.

You sway, you dance, you swoon, just all hot and hungry, ready to touch & be touched.

It’s not a place where you can live, this melty zone. But if you are a femme, it’s a place you have to go to now and then to be nourished. It’s that Bermuda Triangle they go to Bull Durham, lost and found at the same time.

It can happen anywhere. Some of us find it in a nightclub, others in a church. Some of us find it in the kitchen, and many find it in the bedroom. It happens where we feel safe and comfortable, able to drop our stylish (and protective) facade and just become primal, raw and open. When we can sweat and sing, dance and dally without worry someone will think less of us, well, it just might happen there.

To love with abandon, we need to feel loved. To feel loved, we need to feel people are moved by our inner beauty, not just how we play the part they want us to play.

I have a good sense that my mother in the sky loves me. I see magic happen in front of me — those three perfect coats, emotional opening, articles and more. I know that I am a part of that magic, that somehow my presence counts as a catalyst. The magic is waiting to happen, and many forces come together, but I am part of it.

And being part of the magic of love, subsumed into the flow of love, well, that’s what I need to feel. Let me warm up and melt around other people, being vulnerable and witchy, healing and healed. Let me loosen so much that I crash with the waves, breaking apart and coming together again in a warm salty spray.  Let me be playful and free, childlike and open, humorous and compassionate, hot and fluid.

I need to get out from under the bucket and feel the radiance emerge from me, light and heat that melts the world around me. I need to feel myself sway in harmony with the universe, all sinuous synchronous swirl, loose and lovely, which surrounds and transforms the hard and the hardened around me.

Moment is energy, energy in the moment that connects and converts love and life. Gooey and graceful, without the sticks and stones that bind us to angles, right or wrong.

Love moment, what I need, now.