Beaten To A Pulp

A reply to a list post where a crossdresser on a straight dating site heard “this one very nice woman warned me about her crossdressing cousin who was lured by a woman he/she met online & was “beaten to a pulp” by three guys she had brought along!”

Being prudent is always a good idea, no doubt.

Yet there are many urban legends out there that are designed to do the same as legends often have, to keep us small and scared of the bogie man.

It’s easy to believe that someone was lured and beaten. It plays right into the fears used to train us to keep our non-normative nature hidden or pay the price.

Maybe it’s true, maybe it isn’t. And my heart goes out to all the trannys who have been hurt, no doubt.

But I do have to wonder about how many transpeople missed a chance at love just because they were afraid, or, better yet, how many trannys found love and whose stories weren’t heard while we tell the story of one who found hate.

I don’t know the truth here, but I do know that for women, love sometimes can turn dangerous. Heck, for men love can sometimes turn dangerous.

But I hope that isn’t a reason to hide from all love. We need it too much.

Be prudent, be sensible.

But don’t be scared small, eh?

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