On My Parents Departure South

A tablegrace:

Every day is a gift.

We are here, together today, sharing the edges of our lives.   We share our experiences, discoveries, joys and sadness, never knowing exactly what will come tomorrow.

Let us give thanks for the gift of that sharing as we give thanks for the gift of today; another day to breathe, to feel, to think, to experience, to live.   We take that connection into tomorrow as we take our history, informing and warming our future, but not blocking or limiting our experience of the new.

As we are here today with each other, we share blessings for our individual tommorrows, wherever they might take us.  Holding the love we share, we wake up and take another step, moving apart, but always connected, knowing that we will always come together again.

The blessings of a rich past and a deep caring offer a foundation to wake up to a new day of work & exploration, of excitement & exuberance, of joy & trepidation, of challenge & reward.  We travel forward, sure in our past and confident in our future, where the new and the essential mix to help us to learn and to grow.

We are here in loving communion, with the call of the future waiting for us.  May we leave here knowing that future holds special days to come,  gifts that we will share when we are together again.