We are our beliefs.

If you want to change the world, you have to believe that you can do it, have the pure hope that always underlies change.

If you want to stifle the world, you have to believe that you are right and others are wrong, having the entitlement to try to silence them.

The brilliant Gorgon Queen did a very, very smart thing and went back to the words of Harry Benjamin about the impossibility of a definitive differential diagnosis between TV and TS, of the variability and brokenness of trannys who have been beat by stigma.

The true transsexual crowd, well, even though their current pitch is to sell Harry Benjamin Syndrome as the proper and treatable way to change males into women, have to find a way to dismiss this challenge to their dogma, to their belief. It’s fun to watch them twist themselves into knots the same way any fundamentalist has to rationalize when contradictions in their own beliefs are revealed.

Personally, I don’t play that game anymore. I just got sick of that crowd trying to explain that unless I accepted their self-narrative I was being oppressive, but that they had no obligation to accept the narrative of anyone who challenged their belief structure. Especially those who pointed out dissonance and flaws in their belief structure. This just strikes me as a golden rule violation, and so I just treat them as they treat others, dismissing them.

As for me, I’m much more interested in the kinds of beliefs that can change my world than the kind of beliefs that try to enforce some kind of dogma.