Bad Balloon, Target!

On a list, we were talking about this

I said

I always prefer exposed and extreme enemies to those who claim to want to help but end up sabotaging from their own fears.

In this case, Buell parrots the standard claim: the goal of the “gay agenda” is to take away good people’s free speech right to damn others to hell. If society accepts these sick people, he posits, then society won’t tolerate zealotry against them, and spewing zealous moral indignation which leads to abuse and ostracism is a paramount right to those who see religious belief as entitlement to build walls between who they see as good and those they see as evil.

Of course, this is the same argument that works the same if you identify as Christian and see gays as evil, or if you identify as Muslim and see Americans as evil.

The big advantage is that these people are as visible as the balloons in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and they are great excuses to be able to speak our piece again, reminding the world of continuous common humanity.

Personally, I wouldn’t call this fellow a bigot. I would call him a hypocrite, seeing to deny free speech to others because he fears that their success at opening the hearts of people will make his speech seem radical and mean-spirited, and far from the compassion that Jesus preached.

It’s good, though, that he offered a great reason to speak up, to offer love. Better that than whispered fear that cannot be directly addressed.

May you and your supporters be bold and graceful in standing up to speak for integrity and diversity.