Enter The Drama

An unsent note to a friend:

As long as the drama disquiets you, you will stay away from it.

And staying away from the drama, well, that seems to me to put you in a bad spot.Staying away from drama means you won’t stand up for yourself, because that standing up requires drama.

Staying away from drama means you will feel beaten down, because the drama of others is something you have no defense for.

Staying away from drama means you will have a hard time energizing & leading your staff, because they need a bit of drama to keep them up.

Staying away from the drama means many people won’t be able to see your passion and commitment,  won’t believe you are really energized.

Staying away from drama means you won’t feel the impulse and energy you hold within you. It means you can’t tap those reserves.

Staying away from drama keeps you from the laughter & exuberance that can empower you to be big.

I get why you eat your own dramatic power, the intensity of expressing who you are through performance . I also come from a family that is a bad audience, with autism and narcissism shutting us down, leaving me to value sacrifice, endurance and eating pain rather than bringing out the expression I hold inside.

Yes, I want you to write. It allows you to look at what is inside you.When you do, look, though, I think you will find you are a powerful person with your own sense of expression who can stand up for herself, performing defenses, performing attraction and performing lots more.

That’s where your power is, in expression.

Enter the drama, rather than just feeling it beat you down. The world is not like your parents; in the world, you can speak up and be seen as shining, not just as a pimple.

Trust your drama, gorgeous. Own your drama. Show yourself, and people will see you as beautiful, powerful and compelling.

If you don’t, though, they will see you as an emotional doormat to be avoided.