A Poetry Christmas

If I had one wish
for Christmas

It would be
that it sound very special
without the palaver of the year

No judge shows or droning commentators
No regurgitated arguments
No panicked chatter

People love Christmas music
because it is the closest most get
to the poetry we crave

Poetry of hearing
Poetry of listening
Poetry of being listened to
Poetry of being heard.

Cards are for Christmas
Cards are for Poetry
Tiny verses
by writers who consider
what we want to hear
what we want to say
what is left

On this holiday
On these holy days
may the essential human gift
the gift of communication
be shared between us
the still silence broken
by being present
in the breath of life
and the power of voice
in this quiet time.

Let us make our art
and bring it to the table
the best and most beautiful we can offer
given with love
received with even more love
open hearted gracious receiving
leaving us open to change
leaving us open to rebirth
in a midwinter night
where the stable welcomes
newly revealed light.

For me,
the sounds of winter
the sounds of Christmas
are not for gluttony
but are to be savored
heard over the howling frosty wind
spoken over the landscape silenced by snow
shared over the beat of hearts drawn close
for warmth.

A poetry Christmas
when we value what is too often lost
the spark of life
in the breath
of a new-born
of the newly-born