Analogies To You

“You are so good with analogies,” Rachel (Ms. Rachelle) told me after laughing over the “they know we have a golden chainsaw, or we could have never gotten out of the box” concept.

Yeah.  I think that is my holy grail, my secret quest, the search to find just the right shared analogy that will open up a connection in understanding between myself and others, that will let them laugh and understand my experience of my life with depth and compassion.

I go through analogy after analogy, story after story to try and find one that resonates, one that conveys not just the intellectual experience of growing up trans but also the emotional experience of living as trans in this world.

As Miz Ruby said, this is my romantic notion, that someday, somehow, someone will see me, understand me, get me, value me, love me, not for how I do something they find valuable for them, but for who I am on a deep and essential level.

I am so good with analogies, as Rachel says, but somehow I doubt I will ever find the perfect one that opens the lock and makes the connection.

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