Happy Transsexual, Happy Transsexual

[Candis] Cayne, a transsexual performer who plays the transsexual mistress of William Baldwin‘s politico character on ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money, revealed during her cabaret act on Saturday that she’s going to a guest on Barbara Walters’ chat show this Friday.
Cayne told the crowd at Eleven in West Hollywood she’ll do her best to zip it when she comes face-to-face with Ms. Hasselbeck, because her “first instinct” is to give the conservative cohost quite the tongue lashing.
Cayne has a special mantra to keep herself in check. “Happy transsexual, happy transsexual,” she announced to laughter and applause.

Planet Gossip

If Candis, as beautiful & sexy as she is, knows that she can’t just pass as female and needs to walk in the world as a transsexual — as a happy transsexual, to be sure — then why should any other tranny assume that they can hide?

Lets all chant: “Happy transsexual, happy transsexual, happy transsexual, happy transsexual, Yes!

One thought on “Happy Transsexual, Happy Transsexual”

  1. Happy Transsexual is a great chant.

    I wish I’d known there was a tranny character on that show, played by a tranny. I’ll have to start watching it.

    Of course, it’s on the same time as the World Poker Tour, so I’ll have one of those tough choices to make.

    Happy transsexual!

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