Banh Is The Name Of God

Banh is the name of God.

Well, one name, at least, thanks to her warm welcome to be at church this morning. She remembered my name as I came in.

Then after I sat, she came over to me, put her hand on my arm, and with a big smile, said she liked to see me here.

It was nice, simple and from the heart.

After church, I spoke to Laura, whose son lives in SF. She and her husband have rainbow “Celebrate Diversity” pins on their name badges.

She was sorry she wasn’t there last week to meet me, and understood the issues of educating & negotiating the fears of others. I gave her the address of this blog; Hi Laura!

The pastor, well, not so warm this week. No real engagement at all.

Could be that she was just busy, or maybe that I popped a circuit breaker somewhere. I have a history of doing that, even with people I care about very much.

But Banh, and Laura, thanks.

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