Vomited Up A Diamond

Just talking to TBB on the phone; she was waiting while her hair took color.

I was talking about how we hold onto the fear & anxiety in order to stay small, how we disempower ourselves by crippling ourselves, how fear becomes a deeply held habit which comforts us.

She was moved.

“Oh, girl,” she told me. “You have to put that in your blog. You really do have the understanding and the insight, and that is so very unique.

“I mean, look, you just vomited up a diamond there!”

I laughed.

“You have to promise to write that down, a pure TBBism. ” I said “‘Vomited Up A Diamond,’ indeed.”

She’s got the power that TBB, even if she, like I, want to duck it. It’s not easy to hold onto your status quo in the face of Hurricane TBB (who has cycle rallyes this weekend and next, the biker bitch.”

So I help her understand that people see her as powerful, not just blonde, and she reminds me of my power.

Together, we try.

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