Philosophy Meetup

I punted the $33 workshop on Beyond “The Secret” last night, but went to the Philosophy Meetup tonight, where we all dismissed “The Secret” as selfish pap, opium for the masses.

There were 4 women, 2 men and me.

Somehow, we got talking about assumptions people make about us.

The smart gal, who is taking time before grad school and is teaching Existentialism at the local learning annex shared.

“Well, people often assume that because I am blonde, I don’t actually think,” she said.  “I was co-presenting and the woman who I had shared e-mails with said ‘Gosh, after your writing, I didn’t expect you to be blonde.”

I smiled.

“You might not believe this, but many times when people firstsee me, they expect me to be challenging,” I said.

She looked at me and laughed, along with other women at the table.


2 thoughts on “Philosophy Meetup”

  1. People’s ability to take seriously really stupid stereotypes astonishes me.

    But hey, if the level of people in a philosophy group is, if you’re smart you can’t be blonde, then you or I should never worry for a second about anything anyone thinks about us.

    It kind of reminds me of a Women’s Rights march i was on years ago (okay, decades ago). There we were, bringing it into the world after months of exciting, complicated theory and consciousness raising, and looking at the structures of gender, etc. and someone yells “Next thing you’re gonna want to go on top!”

    It can make you despair but it also can liberate you, get you over that sense we have imbued in us that we somehow are responsible for educating other people, everyone we encounter, all of society.

    It’s too big a job! They’re too stupid!

    They can’t even get that hair color is not a signifier of intelligence!


  2. Just to be clear, no one in the group made the assertion that blonde == dumb, but one woman was talking about how the edge of that assertion was placed onto her, cute blonde that she is.

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