TBB thinks I shouldn’t wear so much eyeliner.

“Eyeliner just closes up your eyes,” she tells me, quoting the Maybelline handbook for makeup beginners.

Me, I like MAC. Heck, if it would work, I’d wear porn-star makeup everyday, lips painted like wet labia and profound eyeliner.

But I don’t do that. Smudged Sketch, nice, mellow.

Not tonight, though. The Goth/Industrial party in town was doing Halloween, since they won’t meet again until November.

Neon Red hair, military jacket, plaid mini-kilt, black tights, stretch platform boots.

And eyeliner. Plenty of eyeliner, though, on the lower, applied only to the inside of the lid. I read a narrative of one of the people made up by Jamie Austin, and they described how the inside lids were lined, noting that was something done by professionals for special occasions, not everyday. “Duh,” I thought, “no way!” I’ve been doing inside lining since I had my first L’Oreal Ribbon Royale pencil in 1986.

I was trepidatious, but when the black fella said he loved the hair, I knew I was clear. I went in and sat and watched. There was the tall & thin gal in the short black fairy dress with wings — could be tranny I thought, and the large woman at the table. A few people I would want to talk to, but who can talk with that Industrial Mix banging away?

The worst part, I think, was forgetting what I looked like. No mirrors, and I forget what I should be working. I mean, I know I am big like a transwoman, but I carry it well.

I spent an hour and left. I think I enjoyed that part best, the young gal in the bar with the big smile, and crossing Lark, while the fella said “great outfit,” the woman purring “hot” as she looked at me with gleeful eyes. The Goths may have been too cool, but some found me hot, even if she wanted my boobs and/or my cock, one of which I don’t have and the other which I don’t use.

I love my eyeliner. Holly looked at YCR and commented on her false lashes, but I said that I couldn’t complain; I’d been wearing lashes all day. Her eyes opened in amazement and she looked close, finally seeing them. Poke straight eyelashes need the same help Oprah uses.

Even if TBB wants to blend in, being a well scrubbed transsexual holds little interest for me.

And tonight, even if I didn’t really connect, I went out painted and got some good feedback on my eyeliner.


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