EZ Passing

If you want to pass invisibly in the world, it’s not hard.

Just look powerless.

Look like you live in a trailer park, like you are one of those bland masses of people.  You will go unnoticed in the world.

But if you look like you might have the power to move others — the power of bargaining, the power of convincing, the power of wealth, the power of force, the power of seduction, etc. — then people will notice you.

And when they notice you, they will examine you.  It’s that examination that makes it hard to simply pass, because the odds are your power comes from not where you are normative but from where you cross and connect worlds.  It’s that transfer that makes people sizzle & pop with power.

So yes, you can pass invisibly in the world.

But don’t you want to own your power, not deny it?

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