Fashion maven Tim Gunn, in his guide to style, says that your core wardrobe should include about 10 “soul-stirring” pieces.

Let me tell you — no piece of boy clothes ever stirred my soul, no sir.

Just sad when soul-stirring has to be surreptitious; when it loses the light, it twists inward and becomes fetish.

5 thoughts on “Soul-Stirring”

  1. Decried or denied, no. Eros is eros.

    But the loss of the handmade to the surface & commercialized, the indulgence of Eros without human engagement, the separation of our desire and our life, well, that is something to despirit us.

    Did you know that the convention is that women born female don’t have fetishes? It’s only those born male who fetish, something Bailey uses to make his case that fetishing the female body describes many transsexual women.

    No wonder he dispirited so many of us.

  2. Today, a flippy print chiffon skirt, a great supportive bra, and two pairs of shoes, cork wedge slides & peep toe slingback pumps, all for about $30, 75% off or more.

    God I love these things.

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