The striking thing, at least to me, about my trip to see TBB and SCC07 was how easy it was.

There were challenges, of course — TBB’s network eating my detailed summary when I tried to post it here was hard — but in general, it was easy.

I went to rest stops, walked to stores, chatted with other women,  all that, easy.   I had shoe/foot trouble, of course, but had good enough shoes to move the trouble around.  Chatting with Holly & Terry was easy.

It’s when I got back here that things got hard.  Stuffed into an inhospitable corner, changes made without considering me, having to get out in front of two recalcitrant people, well, that is hard.

But getting on a plane, going through screening, moving through the world, well, that almost made me feel like an adult again, someone for whom the world was made.

I need to try to recreate that summary, of course, when I can get the text to flow, and that will be a challenge.  Here everything seems like a jumble, with blocks and piles.  For example, my mother has moved things around in the living room so there is only a two and a half foot gap to enter the kitchen, a gap my father likes to stand in.  I have to wait to move, keep silent and dormant around them.

Easy was good.  Almost let me believe in my power.

But then there is here.