2 thoughts on “The Grey Badge Of Denial”

  1. sigh. a long way from that fetching young thing in the cheerleader outfit.
    but so are we all.

    i know that you decided a long time ago not to transition – and i sort of get why – but would electrolysis be out of the question? i wonder if it’s as much a crown of thorns as a beard.

  2. I can easily think of two different types of denial.

    One — the “Denial Ain’t Just A River In Egypt!” type — is when we are denying truth, keeping ourselves blind. Intelligent ignorance, though, is a key to success as Zig Ziglar reminds us; we can’t really engage everything, so it’s knowing what to ignore, what to deny.

    The other is the kind of self-denial that comes from aestheticism, where we consciously deny the desires and even the needs of the self in order to achieve some kind of higher goal.

    It’s that second denial where a hair shirt or crown of thorns would be worn in order to stay aware of the need to move past irritation & pain and stay focused on the act of will.

    Have I felt the need to learn that penitent’s habit?

    Indeed I have.

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