Sabrina Marcus-Taraboletti

I’d just like to take a moment to speak about Sabrina Marcus-Taraboletti.

From the first moment I met her, her curiosity and caring reached out to me, and I felt seen. Sabrina has a knack for seeing the best in people and encouraging them to reach for those possibilities.

As founding chair of Southern Comfort Conference, Sabrina took a visit that helped her see possibility and created one of the most powerful & inclusive places for coming together. It was her intuitive leadership, combined with an open mind & heart that let her learn very, very fast, which formed the basis for all the success over the past seventeen years.

Sabrina’s best attribute may be having the guts to try the new, to search for the seeds of success where others have found failure. She sees through people and problems to discover organic solutions which come from the raw materials at hand, and that meet the needs now and for the future. By both connecting with people and understanding what technology can offer, she makes a blending that just, simply works.

As my friend, Sabrina has been ever present and ever concerned, as so many who consider her a friend have found out. She actually engages me, wanting to be transformed by our connection, “For Good,” as they say in one of her favorite shows, Wicked. Sabrina’s theatrical streak runs deep, but her humor keeps her connected to the present, and as stage partners, her greatest gift was her pure and absolute presence in the moment, ready and willing to play it as it lays.

With a unique and distinctive history, Sabrina not only combines the best of many worlds, she also brings those skills & talents to every task she takes on. She becomes that catalyst that blends and combines what initially seems disparate & separate, creating connections that forge bonds between people and the challenges they face.

Sabrina Marcus-Tarboletti is a winner who, if you give her an inch, can take you a mile forward to places you have always wanted to go, subtlety creating transformation that enriches and enlivens all around her.

She is great, that Sabrina Marcus-Tarboletti.

And I’m proud to call her my friend.

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Breaking The Trans Barrier

TBB, now back in from her adolescence out of town, notes that things are going better with the family.  Ex-Wife is cool, mom is going to tell people at Del Boca Vista, and birthday parties feel good.

I noted that trans is much easier in practice than in concept.  From a distance, you are one of them, but let them spend time with you and you are one of us.

TBB wants me to know that the key to this is breaking the trans barrier.

Chuck Yeager knew that it was very dangerous in that transsonic zone, just before you break through to Mach 1, where you are buffeted, losing control in the turbulence.   But once you break through and learn to fly supersonic, you get back to a good place, a place where you again can get in control and do what you want.

TBB thinks she has broken the trans barrier with the family, and sees how hard it is for me to be in the trans-trans zone, where everything bangs.

“I think in a couple of years you will be in a new place,” she told me, “where you can fly again.”


Brooks, a sports commentator who also likes the hot ladies got a glimpse of the newly out LA Times Sportswriter, and decided she was not an attractive woman, unable to “fool” people.

Is that the criteria, that only those who can be instantly attractive should ever transition?

I know, I know, I know, some men judge women on appearance first, and judge failures there as reason enough to devalue their womanhood.

But gosh, give the person a break and don’t start piling on calling her “hilarious.”

It’s just one more reason so many transsexuals grow skin so thick that it becomes the lucite bubble, and one more reason they never open themselves up to intimacy, because that means vulnerablity.

And for me, it’s one more fear to keep me down.

Control & Accomplishment

My sister was off yesterday.  Since she has been feeling very drowsy, she pushed herself to get things done in her house, staying up until 4:30AM.

“It must be good,” I told her, “feeling that you have accomplished something, that you have some control over your environment.”

“Yes, it really does settle me down some, give me some grounding,” she replied.

Her next line — “It must be frustrating and difficult for you to not have much control at all” — never came.

She is focusing on her challenges, and that’s just what most people do.  It’s not wrong.

But when she rolls her eyes whenever I notice something she thinks I should be silent on, like that the huge burnt out patch in the carpet in the Subaru they have decided is good for me, well,

Jeez, I dunno.

I’m just hurting.