Even More So

Here is one thing I have seen in my parents: when you get older, you are the same person you have always been, but even more so.

My father never was good at empathy, putting himself in someone else’s shoes.  A touch of autism, some might say.

Now?  Even more so.

My mother never really had the discipline to get herself out of her own worries and concerns and do something to make change.

Now?  Even more so.

You can teach an old dog new tricks, but it’s easier to teach a young dog.  And old dogs that learned new tricks while they were young rather than resisting will find it easier to learn new tricks when they are old.

Live in a way that you would like if you were even more that way.

Because over time, you mostly just become even more so.

Getting Old

TBB was at Dennys for a 4 AM breakfast after a night of salsa dancing with a doctor girlfriend who is looking for a new man. TBB had sat through the first few hours, until Carlos showed up; Carlos who, while not speaking much English, likes the big girls. “It’s the fat that females you,” her girlfriend told TBB; with no androgens left in her system, the fat goes to her bum, and she looks what she likes to call “Rubenesque.”

As they sat over plates of Denny’s eggs, a young man came to their table.

“My friends bet me $20 that your motorcycle helmet won’t fit me,” he said to The Biker Babe.

TBB eyed him. “What’s in it for me?” she asked.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“How about five dollars?”

“OK.” The fellow tried on the helmet and goofed around for a while.

“You know,” TBB said to me, “all this being the butt is getting kind of old.”