Eyes Of Love

TBB is getting a bit queasy about returning to FLA to start her job search, no matter how well the trip she and her kids ended in Biloxi last night — a nice hotel with “Family” running it, a great filet mignon dinner and two jackpots at the casino.

While there are few guarantees in life, I guaranteed her that the next few weeks would be awful.  She laughed.  While she may want to plan career, she told me she needs to get a job by the end of June, and while she probably won’t have a career, but if she works, she may well have a job.

I suggested that she needs to have a practice to help empower her when faith flags.  I suggested chanting or meditation or candle lighting or walking or writing, or whatever works.  I told her that I like to put on my theme tunes — mostly show tunes — and sing them out at high volumes.  I know that worked for us in Portland, 10 story stairwells booming with “Ev’rything’s Coming Up Roses!”  After all, why can’t God appear in the form of Ethel Merman?

But most of all I assured her that she has power.

One thing that’s hard for me is that people often assume that the head and the heart are somehow separate.  They think that coming from the heart is all soft and comfy, so my coming from the head — asking just the wrong question — is somehow cold.

TBB doesn’t assume that, though.  She gets that my heart and head are well and truly connected, and that my thoughtful (cutting) questions are also powerfully loving.  It is always the people who laugh at the cuts who show they get that link, as she laughed at my guarantee of hardship over the next month.

You see, TBB sees though the eyes of love, and seeing through her eyes is always inspiring and motivating.  That’s why her friends love her, because she is there even in the tough times, and why people who have met her even a little know that they want to be around her.

It’s why she shines in the documentary, where she isn’t always the prettiest, but where she is always beautiful, as people see.

And when she sees and reflects the love she sees in me, the beauty revealed though her eyes of love, well, that’s nice.

Blessings be to her on her job search.  Blessings be to us all.

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