armored gloves,13200.msg97578.html#msg97578

It’s amazing how much energy goes into staying defended, which takes from the quality we can offer, and amazing how much those defenses not only block what can come into us, but also what can come from us.

I know that if I was writing while wearing armored gloves, not only would my hand be less precise, but my energy and thoughts would be more about the gloves than the writing.

The fewer layers between us and our work, the more it becomes part of us and not just something we keep at a distance.

And I have the firm belief in this now,
not only in terms of my own experience
but in knowing about the experience of others,
that when
you follow your bliss,
doors will open
where you would not have thought
there were going to be doors
and where
there wouldn’t be a door
for anybody else.

Joseph Campbell

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