Desire View

It strikes me that there are only four things in this world.

  1. What I Need
  2. What I Want
  3. What Everyone Else Wants
  4. All Rest Of The Stuff

As humans, you see, we see through their own eyes. That means first we see what we need, then what we want. After that we have to have some awareness of what others want, maybe out of communal connection, maybe out of figuring how to get what you need from them, or maybe out of caring for them.

Beyond what we want & need, and what others want, everything else is just filler. Now maybe we need to have our curiosity satisfied, so we need to know about other stuff, but beyond that, it’s just stuff.

I saw the PBS show on the Mormons. The fellow who was head of a plural marriage said that he wanted to become more like God, and that meant following the revelations of Joseph Smith, and plural marriage was one of those revelations.

Who can blame this fellow for just wanting to be more like God, and following the certified revelations of a prophet in his quest?  He wants what he wants, and is acting in a responsible way to get it, taking a tougher and more disciplined path with more conflict.

Of course, this leads to the big issue of exactly how much each of us are willing to sacrifice comfort and instant gratification to get something bigger that we want more, but that’s always the big question, isn’t it?   That question is about faith, in ourselves, in our world, in our God, and how it allows us to believe in a better future.

There are only four things in this world:

  1. What I Need
  2. What I Want
  3. What Everyone Else Wants
  4. All Rest Of The Stuff

Unless you can deliver what someone needs or wants, or maybe what someone else wants that can be traded for what they need or want — jewelery for a rapprochement, perhaps — then what you deliver just falls into all the rest of the stuff.

Desire is at the heart of all human actions, and unless we can keep that desire in context — a desire to be honorably connected to ancestors, previously and in the future, maybe — that desire becomes self centered and limiting.

Desire is the key, I suppose.

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