In The Lobby

It was a few years ago at Empire State Pride Agenda Lobby Day.

She was director of development for the NYC G&L Center.  She was butch.  She was in a chair.  She was beautiful.

I was tongue tied, in that special way you get when you are trying to talk to someone you find attractive.

And she was smiling back.

It’s a “normal” moment that doesn’t happen to me much at all.

600 or more smart, active queers in one room.  Only happens one day a year here in Albany.

2007 Lobby Day is today.

My grey beard and I won’t be going.

We’ll be pushing my mother around Tuesday Morning.

And feeling sad & anxious.

One thought on “In The Lobby”

  1. My mother called me to her bedside this at 9 AM.

    She saw on TV that it’s lobby day, and said that I should go, that I should know that I should go.

    It was sweet.

    It’s also pretty well pointless if I don’t show up visibly trans, for the cause and for myself. And my father is the one who has troubles with that.

    But it was good of her to have noticed.

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