Opposite Of Anxiety

So, what is the opposite of anxious?

Calm, centered, even happy-go-lucky?

Looked anxiety up on Dictionary.Reference.com

They include a quote from Alice Miller, “Drama Of The Gifted Child” — a key text.

Feelings of resentment and rage over this devious form of manipulation cannot surface in the child…. At the most, he will experience feelings of anxiety, shame, insecurity, and helplessness.”

I understand the injunctions to get past it.

Decades ago I had a few yellow tablets of diazepam, one of the few drugs I have ever taken.  The feeling was almost unbelievable to me.  Do people really feel that released everyday?  Do people walk without that weight?

That weight is my experience.

I know why I stay small.  I know why it’s hard to find anyone in supporting me to be big, big & queer.

But, I guess there is a finite limit to the amount of stress any body can take.