When Hope Is Absent

I wish there was something I could say
to convince you to climb back on the grid
because it sounds like you’re not too happy being off.

I hope you don’t get too comfortable there as one tends to do,
even in the most inhospitable environments,
when hope is absent.

    Correspondent, 26 March 2004

If it sometimes seems to you that I am so explicit in this blog because I have few people to talk to in real life, well, you are probably right.

“When hope is absent.”  Great line.

From 2000, some thoughts on hope, in PDF:  The Callie Hope Letters  (formatted landscape for printing — hit ctrl/shift + in Acrobat to rotate view on-screen)

Thoughts on being off the grid and how hard it is to get back on when hope is absent? 

Well you can just read any entry for that.


So when my parents were away, I noticed that drops of urine on the bathroom floor turned sticky.  That worried me, because it suggested high levels of sugar in the urine.

My mouth gets dry after a large quanitity of Coke.  That often means high blood sugar levels.

And using my mother’s old meter and some test strips that expired in December, I got a blood sugar reading of 323 this morning.

That’s very high.

I seem to have an inability to process sugar. 

I think that’s called diabetes.

And Coca-Cola is the only real joy I have left.