Will Love You

TBB is on her way to the funeral for the wife of a friend.  This isn’t unexpected, and TBB did go out of her way to see them both a few months ago, before she passed.

“It’s always a bit scary for a transsexual woman to go back and meet childhood and family friends who she hasn’t seen since transition,” she told me.

“I called my mother, who still hasn’t told the people in the condo her aerospace engineer son is now a woman — you remember, when I was there over Thanksgiving, I had to be in the shower if neighbors stopped by.

“I was worried she would lead with fear, with what might happen if this got back to her, how it might affect her life.

“She told me ‘Wear that black pantsuit you have — you look good in that — and people will love you.’

“It wasn’t what I expected, but it was great. 

“Only goes to prove that the only way to get past others fears for themselves and for you is to take the time and energy to get out and become yourself, to let people see you after you find your smile. 

“It is only then that they can believe that if you love yourself and the way you are in the world, if they love you and your happiness, then others will love you too.”

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