Compensatory Behaviour

For the last two years, a friend of my sister has been arguing to get a neck brace for his son.   There has been resistance to add that to the kid’s back brace, but finally he got one.

It’s been wonderful for the child.  He now doesn’t have to work hard to keep his head up, and has regained balance in motion that gives him freedom.

How much do we put out in compensatory behaviour that takes away from what we could have used to move forward?  How much does that compensation cost the indvidual?

It’s a question transpeople have to face everyday, even if people without those challenges don’t understand the cost. 

It can wear you out, even as people tell you to just pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

And, for the record, the father notes that the people at Shriner’s hospitals have been great at taking care of his kid without ever asking for money.  If you have a few bucks to give, they will use it well taking care of children. 

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