My father believes that the more punishment I take, the better off I will be.  Punishment is training, and training will work if enough is applied.   It took me an hour of walking to get his paper this morning, and shopping later will be a challenge.

There’s “a growing trend among metal-health professionals to get the social environment to adapt to the person rather than force the person to conform to gender stereotypes,” says psychiatrist Jack Drescher.
Newsweek, 12 March 2007, “A Case Of Gender Blues” on the Steve Stanton case

Yeah, but he’s the head of the GLB committee of the APA.  The rest of the world may not have this view.

One thing Ilene Chaiken, who runs The L-Word wants to say is that “it is never too late.”   She put that in the mouth of at least two of her characters this season.  I presume that what she means is that it is never too late to change beyond history & expectations. 

I have said before that one of the heaviest burdens I carry is the possibility that other people may change, that they can transform.  As Dr. Drescher said, the challenge is the environment adapting, and the amount of work that I have to put in to help the environment adapt, well, that feels like punishment for me and little training for them.

Anyway, walking to do.