Smallbany Putz

Capital Region’s Premier Tranny Escort

Specializing in Senusual and Erotic Pampering.  All Natuural 38B-28-36 Curves.  Outcalls Only from $150.  Completely unrushed.  1st Timer’s Welcome. 

Metroland, March 1, 2007

Yup, that’s right.  The Capital District is so closeted that the “Premier Tranny Escort” has a unlisted number, one not included in their classified ad. 

A bunch of crossdressers went to a local lounge Friday, and there was an altrication.  The DJ was uncomfortable, and was mouthing off to other patrons about the trannys.

The report I heard was that he was “macho” and couldn’t handle the crossdressers “feminine pulchritude.”  Now, I’m willing to accept that phrase as an attempt at wit, an ironic euphamism, but even then, it still makes my flesh crawl.  Guys in dresses claiming “feminine pulchritude,” well, creepy.

The owner, standing up for treating everyone well,  got into it with the DJ, and she ended up canceling his gigs there.  He packed up and left that night.

Sounds like a happy ending, right?  But today there was an urgent message.  It seems people have been calling the authorities on the bar all week, ramping up the complaints.

So, for the foreseeable future, trannies are not welcome at the bar.   Too much trouble there, caused by men-in-dresses exhibiting “feminine pulchritude” and, apparently, a pissed-off DJ. 

It’s Smallbany, where even the tranny escorts have unlisted numbers.


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