Not Upset

I’m not upset that I feel giggly after a few rum & cokes.

I’m not upset that I am wearing very good face, all hot black eyeliner and sexy dark lips.

I’m not upset that I have on a new long dress, black cotton & spandex, long & tight, only $7 on clearance.

I’m not upset that I didn’t end up going to the Sunday night drag show at the gay bar, because it’s my experience over decades that there aren’t many fascinating people who show up (especially people fascinated with me), and that having to stay sober to drive home is less fun.

I’m actually happy that TBB may have someone special with whom to celebrate this Valentine’s day.

I actually don’t know how I feel about TBB assuming that someday I’ll be a nice out transsexual like her.  She says that once she couldn’t imagine laving thee box, but changing her body changed everything.  Such a kinesthetic, that one.

The only thing I’m not really happy about, the one thing, is that there is nobody here to make out with. 

Heck there isn’t even anyone here to tell me how great I look.  Domina Blue — Tina — used to be surprised that I would put on makeup before I took a shower rather than after I cleaned up.  She would put makeup on to go out; I would paint my face to see myself before I wash it off.

It is one thing to keep my center after an hour of affirmation, quite another to keep it just walking in the Wal-Mart.

But having a lost center, well, that’s just lost.

Say, are you sure you don’t wanna make out?

2 thoughts on “Not Upset”

  1. Does that mean only the people with nothing to say get to dance together and make out?

    Oh, wait. Yeah, it probably does.

    Thanks much for your comment.

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