Keeping Your Center :)

On Wenesday, after seeing Lezlie, I wrote this, titled Just Stand There :

So, I went to the mall before driving south. 

The other skirt was still at The Bon Ton, but last week it was $12 and today it was $9.

I’m almost to the checkstand when another woman beats me there.  The one girl starts to serve her, and it’s taking forever.  First they have to go check a price, and then apparently she applied for credit, and there were forms to fill out and it was long.

I stood there holding the skirt. 

As I am standing there, the woman says “Can you let this lady check out quickly?”  OK, lady, that’s good.

And while I am looking for another service center, I realize this is a lesson I am being offered.  Can I just stand there?

So I stood there.  And I stood there.  And stood there.

And when her transaction was done, the customer thanked me for my patience. 

The girl even gave me an extra 10% off my purchase.  OK, so that was the senior citizen discount, but she didn’t mention it, and I assumed it wasn’t because I looked that old, but because she was being nice.

I stood there and I didn’t run.  And it was OK. 

I stopped for my big mug of Coke on the way south.  I worried that they would see me as unfeminine.  The gal punched my collector card, and as I left, the woman manager said “It’s Tuesday!”

The girl said “No it’s not!”

“I know,” said the manager.  “I just wanted to give her an extra punch.”  I smiled, even without going back to get the second punch. 

Your question at the end of today is the absolute, dead on question: I’m dammned good at what I do, at who I am, but how do I create an audience in the world?

We will chat about that next week.

Got this back, with the title Keeping Your Center : )

Okay, so now I’m really impressed with your shopping prowess!

Just stood there — waited in your center, trusted in your center; alright, and practiced patience and perserverence. (The gift of patience being … patience.  hmmmm)

I find it fascinating how twice in a row the Universe chose to do something a little special for you, on the spot!  Puts a smile on my face. 

The subject is clearly the gift of a koan I need to hold: Keeping Your Center.

So powerful, so hard.

Julie Andrews: Living In The Shadows (Bricusse/Wildhorn, from Victor/Victoria on Broadway)

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