If I Forget

there’s another georgy deep inside
bring out all the love you hide
and, oh, what a change there’d be
the world would see
a new georgy girl

The radio whistles as I pull into the drive. 

What if, what if, well, what if. . .

The fella needed a jump in the parking lot,
and I didn’t worry about what was protected
but just opened the hood for him?

The manager in the clothes store was happy
to see another tall woman
second today,
and me, in heels, looking up at her,
we chatted
about learning not to hide?

When I asked how much something without a ticket was
the gal just went to look?

What if I felt safe and centered, just being out?

What if, well,
what if
I forget to be afraid?

Won’t there be hell to pay when the shit hits the fan
or when I have to pack myself away again?

Won’t I be
risking my shell
risking my heart
risking my sanity
risking my skin
if I
to be

Won’t that be traitorous to my family?
Won’t that invalidate all the fear I have held?

Holding respect for the fear of others
Holding the fear for those who crave comfort

What if I

What if?

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