Just doing the same ol’ same ol’ — working hard to identify places that might be affirming and powerful, then finding reasons why they aren’t worth the effort to break free of the inertial damping of this suburban enclave.

And I’m not simply wrong, either, because I have tried them before.

Trying to squeeze out affirmations.  Getting, well, debris.

= = = = = = = =

Look, she whispered.

Pale light
cut through the darkness,
huge spot far above
glowing spot
shining on me.

Look, she whispered.

Look at the world, slumbering
look at the people, beautiful
all my children
even you
my darling daughter.


* * * * * 

Children, my biggest gift to you, the one that is more precious and that you must always value most, well, that gift to you is you.

You are of my hand and my creation, and that means you are special & precious to me, to the world.

Your value is not how you deny the song I placed in your heart, but rather your value is in how you search for that song, the song that speaks of connection & affirmation, of service, of love overcoming fear, and sing it out, becoming powerfully yourself in this world, discovering and embodying your deepest desires for transformation, for peace, for creation, for beauty, for love.

You are not the expectations the world places on you, you are not the shadow of their fears.   You are the music of your own heart, playing in a world where the music links all, making the symphony of my presence.

Sing your part, better and better.  Know I can hear you, and I can hear you all together.

And you are beautiful, your part is beautiful, darling daughter mine.