Acute Ain’t Cute

You know, having an acute and exquisite sense of the world around me doesn’t tend to make people see me as cute.  People tend to be cuter when they are really focused on something they are doing, not seeming to be aware of us, because their awareness of us puts us on our guard, makes us feel observed and a bit defended.

This is all, for me at least, just an aspect of living in the question rather than in the answer.  People tend to prefer questions to answers, and especially to questions that tend to shatter the assumptions & expectations that underlie their worldview.   Of course, it is always the questions that open up the view and reveal connection that I love most.

Somehow, though, I don’t think these aspects of me are going to change soon.  The question is how to be compelling and attractive while still being aware and questioning.

Anyone got a good trick for that?

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