Holiday 11

It’s like Christmas in North Carloina here, temps in the 40s and sunny on Christmas Eve.  I’m actually in a pretty good mood here cracking up Feliz Navidad — the live Tropical version — and dancing.

But I know when my parents get back from their afternoon jaunt, things go back to bland, no stereo cranked up to 11, which is, as I am sure you are aware, one more than 10.

This is my holiday wish for you, that some time, with some people you get to crank it up to 11 and feel the boundless joy we can feel, joy we can feel for being together and surviving the darkness, joy we can feel for holding out past expectations, joy we can feel for the birth of a child, joy we can feel when the light inside is visible in the darkness.

As for me, it would be nice to share this, but I have cleaning and cooking to do, and then people come back.

But alone for a moment, well, eleven.

And that’s not bad.