Knife Bubble

Cut, cut, cut, cut. 

So many trannys trying to cut themselves a place in the world, creating a bubble that both leaves them enough space to breathe, but doesn’t separate them from what they need in the world.

And being trained as men, it becomes easy to believe that the challenge is to knock down the points of challenge that threaten to come in.  If you can’t really engage the idea or the meaning, at least you can resort to some verbal swordsmanship to try to blunt the attack.

If you mentioned the word “narccistic” to The White Prince Of Crossdressers, he would just say “Narcissus saw his own reflection and we see a woman, so it’s not the same.”  That was the end of discussion.  Try to move into questions of self-love, of isolation and Eros, and they were all dismissed because of the Narcissus Rationalization.

This comes out of the idea that if one doesn’t lose, one wins.   That’s the same thinking that keeps crabs from getting out of the barrel, the notion that my winning isn’t required, only your losing is, so if I can crack you, put you down enough, then your success and power can never challenge me.  It trains you that the most important thing you can do is learn to sabotage those around you, and not to learn to actually engage your own excellence, actually examine your own ideas.

I see this so much in trannies who cling to hopes and dreams which lie in tatters.  Rather than looking anew, finding ways to work with others and share success, they cling on, trying to push away the last bits of challenge which might require them to hit bottom, see failures and start fresh.  It is the process of weaving walls of fear, walls that can never really separate us from the world, but that can be defended at the the cost of blood and pain to all, a last stand that stands to destroy the possibility of surrender and renewal.

Life becomes a game to these people, a sesson of Wack-A-Mole where another gopher pressed into silence is counted as success, even as others pop up all around you.  They want to believe that one good hit removes all the power from the narratives and ideas of others, believe that if they have silenced someone for a moment that they have won their desparate battle.

This battle mentality, this silly and destructive game of swatting down points while the ideas behind them continue their ceaseless crush of growth and maturity, is the hallmark of all fundamentalists, all those who want to stop the march of progress.  Those against gay marriage, against modern democratic culture, and against the outmoded defenses of sickness all play the same silly game, motivating supporters by focusing on dots while the picture continues to be painted with more and more pels arriving all the time.

As long as you have to spend your time pointing out where others are wrong, trying to stifle them, rather than showing where you are right, as long as your response to others is “no, that’s incorrect,” rather than “yes, I can see our shared ground,” you will always be fighting to maintain a lost and isolated position.

I do understand the isolationist mentality, the one that holds eliminating one or two more challenges will topple the structure, turn back the tide.  I have tried it in my life.

I just know that it doesn’t work, but rather just wastes time & resources, hurting all around.  Too many trannies have been burned by these scorched earth assholes who claim that their actions are justified in the cause of reactionism, that their ends are worth the means of attempting to silence those who challenge them by burning others as much as possible.

You have not converted a person just because you have silenced them, said John Morley, and you have not stopped the march of society just because you offered one semantic rationalizaton or tangled rationale.  Eventually the truth will out.

A bubble cut with knives is no place to really live.  And the cuts you inflict on others are cuts for which you will have to pay the price.

And I know you can try to dismiss this argument, pick some point to counter, attack me for speaking against you, and sleep well in your own babbling about victory,

But it won’t stop the the truth.