LNTGTS Warning

An Important Warning from
The League Of Non-Transgender Transsexuals (LNTGTS)

This is a notice to inform you that not all people claiming to be women are really women!  Some of them are really males who are just pretending to be women!

The only way to be sure that anyone is truly a woman is though a panty check, examining them to make sure they are not penised.  There is no other way that will work, not general inspection, not DNA/Chromosomal testing, not even a document check to show a medical or social history.

To make sure someone is really a woman, you must examine their external genetalia.  No true woman will ever complain at a request for this test, because she will want to assure you of her true womanhood without question.

Remember, there is only one way to assure that you are dealing with a true woman, and not a poseur, and that is to check their external genetalia.  Make sure that you check everyone, and that you immediately dismiss any statements from people who fail the test or who refuse to agree to this simple and painless assurance to true identity.

Do the panty check with everyone you meet and you will never be fooled by foolish liars!

This is a public safety notice brought to you by
The League Of Non-Transgender Transsexuals,
protecting the identity of every true woman
since sometime in the late 1960s.