Honestly Sincere

Cynicism may look cool, but sincerity, well, it stands a good chance of looking vulnerable, mushy and just a bit goofy.

On the Internet, people read your work with the voice they assign to you.  Often that means they assume your are being facetious, ironic and cynical.   They usually assume this because this is the pose they strike on the net,  detached and aloof.

Sincerity is expository.    And that makes it both dangerous and powerful.

Ever notice that we almost always fall for someone when they trip up in someway?  We may fall for the image of perfection, but that’s always falling for our own desires.  It’s the messiness of humanity, the fumbled phrase, the dropped drink, the painful pause that reveals the heart, and falling for that is sincerely falling.

I don’t do cynical much anymore, tend to avoid the sarcasm.  I’m trying to be honest, and honesty has to be sincere, or what truth would it hold?  Added irony only obscures the true and profound irony that life already contains, don’t you think?

I love Nina Arsenault’s comment “I liike doing stuff without knowing if I am being ironic.” 

Being a tranny in the world means that our expression is conciously constructed, that we have had to deconstruct the training, consider the possibilities, and build a new life.  It’s easy to fill that construction with defenses, but when we do it right, that construction should reveal our humanity in a way that is honestly sincere.

That is, after all, where the power of human attraction lies.

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