Water Damage

Killed an MP3 Player today.

I realized it was in the pocket of my fleece, but too late back to the washing machine. 

I do a lot of washing here.  Continence is not a strength of the aging.

Nobody to talk about this with, nobody to understand, nobody to be compassionate.   Just suck it up and feel the pain twisting inside.

Oh, well.  Fall back to plan W.

2 thoughts on “Water Damage”

  1. I have been, for the last week or so, been craving a tall one of Kiki’s Rye & Ginger cocktails.

    Hell, who am I kidding?

    I’ve been craving a whole mess of Kiki’s tasty booze.

    It hasn’t happened, because the budget has been tight and a $9 bottle of cheap whiskey has been a bit out of reach.

    But today, with the waiting for my mother to do something — anything — and destroying the player I liked, partly out of rushing the dry, well, I needed something. So it’s grapefruit cocktail and vodka.

    The signals from my mouth wake me in the night, and the isolation keeps me lost, and it’s Saturday night before Halloween, when the fugue state beckons strongly. Instead, I listen to my sister’s pain, the same stuff that has always kept her away fron engaging my stuff.

    I take care of Ms. Rachelle’s net admin stuff, moving her to a new host and such, so she feels the desire to support me and comment here. That’s lovely, of course, but I have told her it’s not so important — this is for after. Very few people read this (hi Miz Ruby) and as I am about a month from my one year anniversary of this, well, I am resigned to that truth.

    But now it’s cheap, rancid vodka, and shopping in the morning because there is no way my mother will make it to her church, her “homosexuality is a sin we can’t accept” Anglican parish.

    It’s hard work, but there is no other choice but to bull it though until I stop doing that. I’d take a deep cleansing breath, but that just reminds me of the abuse I took at Yoga Cripple-U, getting me hyper.

    I will sleep or not, and then there is another day to survive, eh?

  2. My kudos to SanDisk.

    The Digital Audio Player appears to be working this morning.

    Not perfect. but working.

    Nice design, guys.

    And they are replacing the headset, the one that already was intermittent within 30 days as a courtesy, since that’s not under warranty.


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