Blam IV: Day Of The Living Manager

My sister’s district and regional managers killed her.  In fact, they were impressed with how graciously they took it.

But my sister talked to someone at corporate, and the CEO raised her from the dead.  Said she shouldn’t have been killed in the first place.

So Regional and District were tasked with her coming back.  Problem is, they had already killed her, and they knew the power of the resurrected body.  They didn’t want her to be alive.

So District came up yesterday and started a gripe session with the employees, all women.  And you know who spoke the loudest, who controlled the room?  The whiners.  Others didn’t really want to get in the middle, to have to fight the room.

District took a vote, and when she saw my sister, told her people didn’t want her back.  As a good woman, she wouldn’t want to impose herself on people who didn’t want her, would she?

My sister was hurt by this.  But thinking about it, she saw it for the power play it was.

She told District she was coming back anyway, just like CEO wanted. 

Oh, shit.

So before district leaves, she gets a “Final Warning” saying that she violated the “Respect Policy” in unspecified ways, and if one employee complains, she is out.  Ah, yes, that was all the evidence unburied in the gripe panel got. 

How was this given to her?  At the front cash, in front of other employees, a clear violation of the “Respect Policy.”

She also got a chance to look at the rule they said she broke.  Turns out that her specific offense, paying an employee out of her own pocket to come in off the clock to prepare for a visit, isn’t on there.  And the words “zero tolerance” are never mentioned.

District, though, wouldn’t even shake her hand even though she had to endure huggs when she was fired.

It would be like shaking the hand of the walking dead, a zombie or maybe a redeemer.

Too bad so many people act out of fear rather than love, isn’t it?