Blam III: Feel The Rage And Do It Anyway

My sister was to head back to work today.  But before she went, her district manager held a store meeting to have employees vote to see if they wanted her to come back.

What?  The CEO makes a decision and this woman thinks she can turn it with a vote of part timers? 

Of course, she and the regional manager would like little better than for my sister to turn down the job.  Who wants to welcome back someone who went over your head and showed you as a fool for not fighting for her? 

My sister, of course, was hurt and upset.  She told us that the only way she would go back is if she felt that there was still something to learn.

My suggestion?  This is the time to manage from fuck: What The Fuck, and Fuck You.  Hell, she was already fired for being too conciliatory, now get fired for something new.

This idea isn’t easy for her, even if she does see the wisdom.  Performance requires performance, and even if she does draw hard lines, come from power, there will still be a pained introvert inside of her.  She is a tender human, after all.

The only way we can power such a performance, at least from my perspective, is to tap into our rage.  Don’t let them pull that shit on you, even if that shit is passive agressive crap they don’t know they are pulling.

Once you come from power, the only way to go is to keep with the power.  Come from your strength, being your best, not from your weakness, trying to play their game and be nice.

I worked hard to empower my sister in this, this morning, to teach her some tricks.  But I’m still her elder sibling, the one who tried to get her to fight when she was a teenager, and that still feels hard for her. 

Learning to take her own power is something she has to do for herself, in her own time and her own way. 

I bless her, and will be here for her, even if this week has taken a lot out of me and my parents.

After al, I always think it’s good when we encourage people to feel their rage, take their own power, and do things that we might consider scary.

Isn’t it good?