Blam I: Shit + Fan

My sister, who was used to paying for things needed in her big chain store out of her own pocket, paid a staffer to come in out of her own pocket.  Another employee who holds a grudge called HR, and the next day — today — she was fired after eight years building a business.  Zero tolerance on exposing the store to liability, no condideration to you.

Now, she’s the fourth manager in the district who got canned for a similar violation, because her district manager asks for the world, but doesn’t help, doesn’t give resources or balance.  Lawsuit?

It’s good for her, good, because now she gets away from that co-dependance, our habit to stick it out even though crap.  But there is mourning before rebirth, and that won’t be easy.

I am so sad for her, so angry at the B-school assholes who push unreasonable demands down in big corporations, demanding so much with so little and then being poofy about what needs to be done to make that happen — “Kill them!” as Jack Welch would say — and so happy that she gets to restart in a place where she can have her own choices, not just the choices of customers, staff, management and everydamnbody else.

I affirmed her possibilities, affirmed that this was a gift, affirmed the signs she saw that said it was right.

But it shits, it really shits, and shits they are too.