No Crap

The last book I read about transgender
was Kate Bornstein’s My Gender Workbook.
That turned me off trans books.
Trans writers have an obligation not to write crap.
Diana Montford

Nyquist’s Theory of Equilibrium:
Equality is not when a female Einstein gets promoted to assistant professor; equality is when a female schlemiel moves ahead as fast as a male schlemiel.
Ewald Nyquist

As long as we hold standards for others that we don’t hold for ourselves, we will never be able to empower leaders.

In the long run, Kate writes what sells, and a book designed for students was what was wanted after her groundbreaking Gender Outlaw started selling as a textbook.

But to dismiss all trans books because you got one you didn’t find to your level?

Seems to me to be internalized oppression.