four ounces

The news is that the creators of Nip/Tuck and Brad Pitt are doing a show for FX about a transitioning transsexual.  The story will take at least four seasons to develop.

They are calling it “four ounces” which they say is the average weight of the human penis.

Any show that saddles itself with that phallocentric name, reducing the trans experience to being about the presence or lack of a penis seems doomed to myopia.

I saw a production of Paul Rudnick’s “Jeffery” and when the actor playing the lesbian transsexual saw me, he asked my view of his performance. 

Running around yipping about having his dong cut off?  That’s a gay man’s view of an MTF transsexual.  Most MTF TS I know are much more jazzed about gaining a vagina than losing a penis.

“I think you served the author well,” I told him, which he seemed to take as a compliment.

And here I thought four ounces was the average size of a male brain, she said, knowing that she just played another stereotype for a cheap laugh.