The Non-Trans Privilege Checklist

 The Non-Trans Privilege Checklist

I’m pretty sure it’s from Rikki Anne Wilchins, probably included in “Read My Lips.”  We transpeople are thin on the ground, and a voice this distinctive is memorable.

One thing I find it hard to express is the kind of marginalization and oppression, internalized or otherwise, that trannys experience.   Since it’s outside of their experience, they want to locate these feelings in my “depression” or some such, hoping a pill will take them away.

This list tries to move though that.  It is impossible to be someone’s ally until you have internalized their narrative, seeing though their eyes by listening to their stories and believing them.

We all have an obligation to push past our own internalized expression, sure, but too many scars are too many scars, no matter what.

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