Whose the bigger fool, a drunk arguing or someone who argues with a drunk?

Last night my sister’s friend, who I first met when she dated him in high school, was drunk and wouldn’t stop talking.  He told me that sometimes find me condescening, and more that that, he told me, my sister sometimes finds me condescending too.

It’s almost impossible come off as not smart.  And that means that it’s almost impossible not to be read as condescending at some time or other.

Problem is, the time I am most likely to be seen as condescending is when I am hurting.  I tense up and rather than people seeing I am hurting, they see me as trying to hurt them, rather than seeing me toughen up, they see me being tough.

People need love most when they are at their most unloveable.

You know, like when you read them as defensive and condescending.