The Lesson

Isn’t “The Lesson” always the worst part of any reproach?

It’s not just “Someone forgot to flush the toliet upstairs and it needs cleaning,” rather it’s “Someone forgot to flush the toliet.  You go too fast and don’t think about things, and that’s why everything always ends up in a mess.  You need to slow down and think!”

What about the hundreds and hundreds of times I did flush properly?  What do those times show?

The Lesson, of course, isn’t about the incident.  The Lesson has been waiting there looking for another indicident to attach itself to, because it is truth just waiting for an excuse to be taught, pointed up again, highlighted and pounded in.

The Lesson is about how you do things wrong all the time, you fuck-up, and this incident just stands as another proof, another verfication of truth, another vindication of belief.

Of course, when you know that whatever you do right or good doesn’t count, and all that counts is when something does slip which validates The Lesson you will get it again, well, that tends to define you as only negative, right?

I screw up, I do. 

I would like to see those things in context.

Instead it is suggested that I see those things as proof of The Lesson, the one I am unable or unwilling to learn.

Disempowering, eh?

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